Sunday, October 11, 2009

3 Tips from Manual of Style

I think these are the three most important points in the manual of style:

1)Avoid HTML
2)Internal and External Links

I think using multiple output format is a great idea. HTML can be rather complex, and editing the Wiki markup is much easier. I also like the philosophy Wikitravel has in regards to not wasting time trying to use a system that is difficult to understand when valuable information can be created during that time.

Understanding how to use internal links to other Wikitravel content and external links to other websites are assets that a creator and manager can utilize. Including links to the most relevant and pertinent information allows Wikitravel users to have an opportunity to navigate and maximize how knowledgeable they are about a particular area.

Listing currency correctly is important also. It should be the creator or contributors job to use the appropriate nominal symbol in front of numbers and include cost for information that deserves it. Misusing currency can mislead users and that would be serving an injustice to Wikitravel.

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