Monday, September 21, 2009

My Clubhouse Blog

I'm going to create a blog titled "Balancing College Life at a Big University." I feel that this could turn out to be a really popular blog since its a very relatable subject. I can write about a range of things, from my experiences with classes, professors, and dining halls to stories of friends, night life, and working in South County. I will try to keep most names anonymous and use an alias for many, but I can assure that the significance and creativity of my blog posts will remain unphased. I feel I can not only reach out to college students, but to those heading to college soon or have already experienced college life who feel they can relate their past to what I'm writing.
The main problem I envision happening with this blog is that I will become too hypocritical and some posts might be interpreted as gossip, which I absolutely do not want. I am also a bit weary of making generalizations that some might find offensive. I will attempt not to insult anyone with my posts and post positives along with negatives to keep a healthy balance. I intend on including daily tips or lessons that I learn throughout each day, and plan on proposing questions on my blog for readers to answer to help me with some of my own questions.
I want to keep my blog very active and hope that my readers can take what I say with a grain of salt. I barely take myself seriously and I want my readers to take me just as seriously. I want to have a laid back, yet informative blog with as wide a range of personalities as possible contributing to it.

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