Monday, September 14, 2009

Stefanac Response

I enjoyed reading the writing of such an experienced blogger. You can really take some points away from this and I plan to during the course of this semester. The most interesting part of this reading for me was the section entitled "Adjusting the focus of your blog to aid discovery." I never really thought of it before, but it makes perfect sense. You don't want to make your writing too general because readers can find material more specific to their interests. You don't want to make it too narrow or else you'll lose readers whose interests otherwise might loosely be tied to yours and could eventually become part of your blog. I hadn't really thought of the money aspect of creating blogs, but this piece reiterated to me that you should never do anything solely for money and only if your heart is truly in it. I also feel very similarly to Stefanac in terms of print vs. blogs because I like the informality of online communication and less strict guidelines. The personality of the writer can best be understood that way.

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